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What should you eat according your blood type?




There are four basic blood groups, divided in so far 32 recognized subgroups. Blood type is actually the name for blood classification according to group of antigens which can be found on the red blood cells. Antigens can make proteins, glycolipids, glycoproteins and carbohydrates, but their role is finding and destroying the harmful substances in the body.


Here begins the story of today’s diet in which people are divided according to four basic blood types and each has its own prescribed diet. A book about this diet was written by Peter D’Adamo, He, like his father, was a doctor in alternating medicine and was convinced that the human body is different, ie. what for someone is food, for someone else it is poison.



Four blood types which are determining the diet are O, A, B and AB. In the book of Peter’s father is described the anthropological emergence of all four groups, which Peter took and so divided the people in hunters, farmers, nomads and enigmas.


If you are a hunter it is logical that you will be the primary source of nutrients. Meat. Hunters are persons with blood type O. They need less of cereals, legumes and beans.


The farmers are people who need mainly vegetarian food like fruits, vegetables, grains, tofu, legumes and sometimes fish because of the proteins they need. This applies to people of blood types A.


Enigmas are people which possess both antigens, ie. Blood type AB and they have the biggest variety. They are allowed to eat meat, milk and dairy products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes, tofu.


With consumption of only the recommended food groups, besides results in weight loss, you should feel appreciable change in the general physical and mental state.


The groceries are simple and unrefined. Each nearest shop can supply you with the necessary ingredients and the way towards a healthy life can begin



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