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What is Asthma and how to recognize it?



Repeated attacks of difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath – known as asthma – can occur at any age, but usually begins early in life and through adulthood sometimes mitigates or totally disappears. Asthma is becoming more common disease, which affects many people. Asthma occurs when the bronchus (bronchi) in the lungs become hypersensitive, in response to one or more substances which do not harm other people. Due to this reaction the airway walls swell and begin to secrete mucus, thus reducing the space required for the entry of air into the lungs.


The main symptoms include loss of breath (with special difficulties in breathing), shortness of breath, coughing and chest tightness. Seizures vary in severity, from mild of shortness of breath to suffocation that endangers the patient’s life. Frequent attacks of asthma are a big hindrance in daily life.



Some people are inherently prone to developing asthma, while in many others this disease develops for unknown reasons. An allergic reaction is the cause of asthma in one in eight children and in one out of thirteen adults over the age of 30. There is a wide range of other factors which can be a driver of hypersensitivity of the airways, which is the basic lining to this disease.


Improved living conditions in developed regions means that the local people in the early childhood are exposed to a small number of infectious and parasitic diseases, so, because for them there is no early stimulation of the immune system that occurs due to exposure to foreign organisms, they may later overreact, not only on these organisms, but also on certain other substances.


Because of the frequent use of antibiotics, even to treat insignificant child infection, asthma becomes even more feasible It is possible that this is happening because antibiotics disrupt the normal development of immunity diversifying types of intestinal bacteria.


In order notice the danger signs on time, buy peak flow meter so every morning and evening measure the speed at which you are able to exhale air. If this ability decreases, take preventive measures and contact your doctor.




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