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Vitiligo is pigment disease and it is characterized by loss of the skin color. This model is proving that you need to love yourself no matter what!

Vitiligo model inspires millions of people!!!





Brave fashion model Winnie Harlow who suffers from vitiligo, defying fashion dogmas and points out that she is absolutely proud of her skin and that she would never change it.


Her name is widely known in the world of fashion, she represents the Spanish brand “Desigual”.



 She writes new rules. She writes history. She inspires millions.


The attractive 20-year-old Canadian, whose real name is Chantelle Brown-Young, she is wanted because of the incredible charisma and spirit that she carries and for which is engaged in “Desigual”. In addition, the successful lady advertises Diesel collection for spring / summer 2015 and records a large number of advertisements and campaigns.



On the former contestant in “America’s Next Top Model” was diagnosed vitiligo, a disorder of the skin pigmentation, when she was just four years old. After years of being teased by her schoolmates, Winnie has often faced with injustice and inconvenience because she was different. They have often called her with bad names, but how Winnie broke through in the world of fashion, she gained more confidence and now she enjoys inspiring other people to accept themselves as they are.


“My recipe for success is actually very simple: LOVE YOURSELF. Give a lot of love on every part of your body, embrace yourself and be proud. The moment when I realize it, I became successful. Now I get many job offers and thank God for that” – said Winnie.



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