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Two ingredients that can save life



The fast lifestyle, lack of physical activity and poor diet causes increased fat in the blood. With progression of the disease, it comes to thickening of the walls of the veins, which contributes to atherosclerosis and other risk factors (smoking, alcohol), and the consequence of all that are cardiovascular diseases.




This medicine helps to significantly lower the fat in the blood:




    • Dried figs


    • Apple cider



Make the elixir at night and drink it in the morning. Take 3 dried figs and then stab them with a needle on multiple places. Take some glass container and put 2dl apple cider in it. Then put the figs in the glass container.


Leave the cure to overnight and in the morning you need to eat the figs. Do not throw the rest of the apple cider but in the same glass container place again 3 dried figs and leave them the following night. Use these 2 dl apple cider for 7 days. The eighth day, take new 2dl of apple cider and repeat the process for 7 more days. The treatment lasts for 2 weeks.



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