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Treatment of the pain in the muscles




To move without pain, muscles and joints must work flawlessly.  For normal walking, running, swimming or writing, the whole body should have good support. We feel very limited if in different activities we feel pain muscles and joints.


Not only elderly people are suffering from sprains, lumbago and muscle pain, but also people who are extensively involved in sports. Our ancestors used different natural methods with which they have been fighting against these problems, so you might want to listen some of them. Natural remedies can help our body and alleviate or eliminate pain. Pain in muscles and joints can have different causes and it is uncomfortable and restricts our movement and affects on quality of life.




After excessive work, for example writing, you can have cramps in legs and arms. If your calves are twitching at night, it means that you suffer from a lack of minerals. Before doing some sport activities you need to warm up well. Of course, all the problems can be solved with recipes of our grandmothers. They knew that irregular movements, inflammation and excessive load can limit the tendon sheath. They know that there are natural resources that can be used.


If you have problems with calves at night, mix violet oil and olive oil and massage your feet. Swimming and gymnastics also can enhance the elasticity of ligaments and tendons.


This may sound dramatic, but believe me, it helps! If your back hurts, pick young nettle, tie it in bundle and three days beat the part that hurts you. At the beginning will stir, but it will produce a warm feeling after it, from the poison of nettle.



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