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Tips to prevent muscle (physical) fatigue



Daily feeling of fatigue and anxiety, muscle pain, lack of energy during the day and for longer periods are the most common symptoms that our body is in a state of muscle (physical) fatigue, which in most cases is the result of daily stress and nervousness arising from its the rapid pace of living and hard work. However muscle (physical) tiredness may be the result of poor nutrition, dehydration, frequent intensive training and lack of rest and quality sleep. The exact cause of physical fatigue cannot be reliably determined, but on the other hand this muscle fatigue can be reduced and prevented through some lifestyle changes that will be given later in this article.


1. Regular hydration of the body is required




Dehydration of the body will certainly result in muscle pain and fatigue, loss of electrolytes, dizziness, poor physical performance and unpleasant muscle cramps. Failure to consume sufficient amounts of water (minimum 3 liters for all inactive people and minimum 4-5 liters for all who exercise regularly) our body simply will not be able to function properly because water is essential for proper circulation of nutrients in the body.


2. Provide yourself sufficient rest and quality sleep (minimum 8 hours)


Lack of quality rest and sleep is one of the main causes of physical fatigue and a number of active practitioners do not take seriously the importance of quality sleep and rest. Quality sleep and rest will enable a better muscle recovery and better muscle growth.


3. Pay attention to the meal before training 




Meal before training together with the meal after training are the most important meals throughout the day if there is regular physical activity and will certainly contribute to reducing muscle fatigue, because the food that we eat before training has a direct impact on how we feel after the training.


4. Eat bananas


Bananas should be part of any proper training diet. This fruit is an excellent combination of fast and slowly degradable carbohydrates that provide instant and long-lasting energy and are a great choice for eating before or after training Bananas contain a great amount of potassium and magnesium, essential minerals that help to reduce muscle pain and prevent and avoid muscle fatigue.


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