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Tips for how to stop a panic attack




A panic attack occurs in response to the fear of the unknown, the long-term anxiety, a family tragedy, stress or stressful period in your life. It usually occurs up to 24 years of age. The attack comes suddenly and thus can disrupt the quality of life. Although it does not last long and is harmless, people fear so much that are begging to suffer from another fear, which is the fear of the panic attacks.




Such people are closed in themselves, thinking that with them there is something wrong and become antisocial.


A panic attack begins intensively and powerfully. Soon the blood pressure raises and the pulse becomes rapid. Breathing is shallow and difficult. It may cause dizziness and even blackouts. The symptoms can confuse you with some serious diseases such as heart attacks. There is extreme fear of danger or even from dying. Maybe you are in that moment seems to have passed a longer period, but attack usually takes 5-20 minutes.


How can you help yourself in a natural way?


Get away from the source of stress if the cause of the attach is some phobia. Try to stay calm. If you cannot refrain from moving and if that’s easier way for you to overcome the attack, try to relax with a little faster walking.


Control your breathing so you can relax yourself as soon as possible. Breathe properly and deeply. In this way, you will calm down the pulse. Breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Also, you can soak a tissue warm water and thus alleviate the heat on the face.


1. Lavender oil


Lavender oil is used for centuries for nerve diseases healing. Rub a little oil on the temples and forehead and relax sitting still for a while until the attack passes


2. Herbal tea


When the attack passes, relax with a cup of herbal tea. Mix the dried flowers of lavender, bitter orange and lime and drink each separately depending on the flavor that suits you.


3. B vitamins


Take B vitamins every day to naturally alleviate stress and act preventively to attacks



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