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These herbs can help in the treatment of infertility!


Herbs are a gift from nature and from ancient times used in the treatment of many diseases. We could see and learn from our grandmothers how the most undesirable conditions and diseases are treated with plants. One of them is a problem getting pregnant.


There are studies that say that in fertility problems, 40% percent are infertile men, 40% women, while in 20% are infertile both partners. In a problem with fertility in women are usually blamed hormones and their imbalance. There are a whole range of herbs that can help in the treatment of infertility or for increasing fertility. Here are the most important and most effective herbs that you can mix in a mixture of tea and enjoy a cup of tea that promotes fertility.


1. White horehound or valerian



It normalizes hormones and regulates the menstrual cycle which is the most important for achieving pregnancy. It is recommended for polycystic ovary and normalizes the thyroid hormones. It has an intense bitter taste, which is because of the numerous essential oils, so it is easier to drink when it is cold. It is recommended to drink in the first part of the menstrual cycle until the pregnancy, and then you need to stop because it can cause abortions. Do not drink it during menstruation.


2. Lady’s mantle



Lady’s mantle contains many essential oils and is a great source of vitamin C. It has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It is most famous as a powerful ally in the treatment of infertility. It helps with painful and heavy menstruation. It is also good for effectively losing weight. Strengthens the uterus and can be used by pregnant women because it reduces the risk of spontaneous abortion.


3. Yarrow



The Yarrow is real help for all women’s problems. It regulates menstruation, reduces heavy bleeding, relieves cramps and painful periods. It is used to treat cysts, myoma, polyps, and inflammation of the ovaries. It can be consumed throughout the menstrual cycle.


It should be noted that in the treatment with plants it is very important to be persistent, meaning that you should drink the tea mixture at least 3 months and in large quantities, from 1-2 liters a day. It is also very important to reduce stress which is a major factor for infertility.



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