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Drinking water is the source of out health! Because of that fact we need to be sure about the water we drink and avoid many diseases

The meaning of the pH value in drinking water





By entering of 1.5 – 2 liters. Water per day with a balanced pH and other ingredients such as calcium – magnesium (in the ideal ratio) and cytosan:


    • It makes complete detoxification of the body without any side effects


    • It normalizes the pH value of the body


    • The natural immune system of the body is returned



With balanced pH value in the water, not a single cell of carcinoma, virus or bacterium cannot live.


Scientists have found that healthy people have an alkaline systems.


The meaning of the pH value in drinking water1


Arthritis, cancer and heart diseases that afflict millions of people, can be avoided by drinking clean water … .. CANCER CANNOT survive in an alkaline environment.


Every time when Dr. Otto Warburg (winner of two Nobel Prizes) puts a tumor in an alkaline environment, the tumor dies within seconds. According to him, to kill cancer, all you need to do is to alkalize your body.



The chlorine purifies the water from organic substances that must not be present in it. They put it in the water to be “safe for use.” But the problem is that one part of the chlorine remains free, and the other part binds to organic substances forming trihalogen methanethat can cause cancer. Although scientists in the world say the chlorine is a carcinogen substance, most people do not pay attention about this.


The World Health Organization gives evidence that the chlorine in the water is guilty for 40% – 50% of breast cancer cases. Cancer (colon cancer, breast cancer), congenital defects, serious damage to the skin, teeth, throat – all are associated with the chlorine in water.


Every time when we drink water, we need to be sure that it is clean and healthy, so we can prevent many diseases.


Dr. Herbert Schawatz says that chlorine is very dangerous and it should be banned.





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