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Find out the easiest way to prepare rice. Our recommendation is rice with broccoli and chicken. You will need only 30 minutes to prepare it.

The easiest way to prepare rice



Eating rice can be far more delicious and more succulent than you can imagine. You just need to know the right recipe. Read below what is the easiest way to prepare rice.





Our recommendation is rice with broccoli and chicken. Instead of preparing a traditional chicken with rice, do something new and delicious.



Ingredients needed :


    • Chicken meat



    • Rice



    • Broccoli



    • Soup



    • Cream




Chop the chicken into cubes or strips and fry it. You can add onions or garlic depending on whether you want to enrich the taste.




Then add the rice. Also, add one cup of soup and one cup of cream. You should stir it every 5 minutes (for 20 minutes).




When it is ready, add the broccoli and the cheese. Then place the pan in a preheated oven at 200 degrees and leave it for 10 minutes.



Good appetite!



Reasons why you should use rice in your diets:


    • It has a high energy value



    • It lowers the blood pressure



    • It is used against inflammatory bowel disease



    • It increases the excretion of urine – it is a natural diuretic





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