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The boring Yo-yo effect of dieting




Yo-yo effect is actually a result of the cycle during which the reduction and weight gain are repeated.


yo-yo dieting


Usually, the cycle goes through the following stages:


1. A person keeps a strict diet that guarantees fast results (starvation, skipping meals, a small number of calories) and reduces his weight for a few kilos. Then, as a result of reduced caloric intake and physical inactivity, the metabolism slows down, which means that the body starts to burn less calories.


2. Such a strict diet causes fatigue and frustration and the person can not practice it long time, so he gives up and is back on the diet that he has practiced before.


3. As a result of reduced metabolism, the lost weight is back again


4. The person is disappointed and is back on a diet. The cycle begins to repeat.





Yo-yo effect negatively affects on the physical and mental health. Many long-term researches in this area showed that this variation in weight is associated with increased blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease and stroke.


There are also studies that have shown that with each new cycle, the body gathers more fat. The exact risk of these effects is unknown and is assumed to be different for those who have relatively normal body weight and for those who suffer from overweight.



People who have experienced the yo-yo effect are losing confidence when they increase their weight and then they are going bact to strict diets. While being in the phase of dieting, they feel exhausted and even depressed, because of the lack of energy due to starvation.



How to get out of Yo-Yo Cycle?


Diet and Exercise


Here are some tips for you to avoid the yo-yo effect:


1. Focus yourself to a gradual reducing weight. Instead of starving yourself to lose 3-4kg per week, focus on the consumption of healthy food with which you will lose up to 1 kg per week. So you will not lose muscle mass.


2. Eat 5-6 times per day. You need to be careful what you eat. The more often you eat, the more you accelerate the metabolism, and it will bring a greater number of calories burned. You should not skip the breakfast


3. There is nothing better for your line of physical activity.


4. Never consume below 1200 calories.That is the minimum number of calories recommended for women. Whenever you eat less, you actually reduce the metabolism.


4. Make a long-term weight loss plan. Do not expect to achieve the ideal weight for a short period. Manage yourself by the rule to burn more calories than you consume. This is best achieved through the regulation of imported food and increased physical activity





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