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Why you need to do the handstand push-ups? – Mr Fitbody

Exercising will help us to look good, stay in shape and improve our health. Handstand push-ups are one of the most effective exercises.
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June 21, 2022 Admin

Neurobic – exercises for the brain – Mr Fitbody

Neurobic – exercises for the brain 29 Feb, 2016  in Health  tagged brain exercise / brain improvement / healthy / Neurobic / routine     What is Neurobic?   The term “neurobic” was introduced by the Americans Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin and represents an improvement of the intellectual capacity of the brain through a […]
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Tips to prevent muscle (physical) fatigue – Mr Fitbody

Tips to prevent muscle (physical) fatigue 3 Mar, 2016  in Sport  tagged muscle fatigue / muscle recovery / training / workout nutrition     Daily feeling of fatigue and anxiety, muscle pain, lack of energy during the day and for longer periods are the most common symptoms that our body is in a state of […]
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