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As the summer approaches, everyone looks for some diet in order to look good on the beach. The yogurt diet is one of the best out there

Simple Yogurt diet for weight loss

Many people have trouble with obesity and want to find the right way to resolve the accumulated kilograms in order to look good. One of the right ways is the yogurt diet that we will present you below. Thanks to her, you will reduce the misery with your weight.

People often decide to be more careful with their diet right after the holidays or just before the summer. This diet is based on yogurt that has probiotic properties and acts beneficially on the intestines. Using this diet, you will have better digestion, you will be free from toxins and you will start to lose weight in a healthy way.

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While using it, you will improve the performance of your intestines and in general the work of the whole organism. In this diet, you should use about 20 yogurts per day. In addition, you can eat fruits and fresh vegetables. You need to avoid fruit yogurts and the ones on the market with a large dose of sugar. Also, in this diet you will not just drink yogurts, but you will combine it with a food from a list.

Day 1:

Breakfast – In the morning, drink 1 or 2 low fat yogurts, or add flakes without sugar!

Lunch – Fry some vegetable with a olive oil and add a little rice. You should not add spices. For dessert, you can eat some fruit.

Dinner – Before going to bed, eat a salad with apples and carrots. Chop all the ingredients and fry them in olive oil. Add a yogurt in the mixture.

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Day 2:

Breakfast – Make a salad from cucumbers. For this, you will need yogurt and cucumbers. Cut the cucumbers into circles and pour them with yogurt.

Lunch – Take chicken meat and cut it into cubes. Add chopped tomatoes, pepper and mushrooms and fry them with olive oil. In the end, add yogurt.

Dinner – Mix two cups of yogurt with berries.

Day 3:

Breakfast – Mix cheese and yogurt. Then, add chopped apples and cinnamon and enjoy.

Lunch – Bake 150 grams of hake. Make a salad with yogurt and cucumber and put a little mustard.

Dinner – Cook pasta and add one egg and chopped pepper. Put all together in a bowl and pour yogurt on them.

As we mentioned above, this diet will improve your digestion and will speed up the metabolism. It will also improve the work of the intestines and you will lose the excess kilograms

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