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There are various diets for loosing weight all over the internet. Some are good and some are bad. In this article we comment the right way of loosing weight

Simple way to lose weight

Often times we have a problem with overeating. We know what to eat, we know how to eat, but most of the time we forget about these things because, let’s face it, we love food. So that is how we gain weight.

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A diet consists of making a plan for ourselves and sticking to it, but often times this part is the hardest due to our lack of discipline. There is a saying that in order to create a habit you need around 90 days of consistent work on your plan. But, if we think that much in the future we would quit before we start.

A simple way to lose weight and stick to your diet is the “rule of three”. Three days don’t seem like much, so try eating healthy for only three days. Once you complete this challenge, pat yourself on the back and try to do three more days, until those three days become three weeks, and later on, you focus on three months. It all comes down to consistency.

However, let’s not forget about the things we should eat. In order to lose weight we need to pay attention to our caloric intake. When you start, you should lower your daily caloric intake by 200 calories and move up to reaching a caloric deficit of 500 calories per day. So, let’s say you are consuming 2500 calories every day. Set a goal for yourself and try to consume 2300 calories, and, after a while, gradually lower them down until they reach 2000.  Another thing you should pay attention to is what type of food you eat. It won’t be the same if you consume, for example a chocolate bar or a large fruit salad.

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Excluding junk food and sugary drinks is, by itself, a great way to lose weight, if you’ve been eating them often. It is of vital importance to eat healthy and eat loads of fruits and vegetables. They have all of the vitamins and fibers that your body needs in order to function normally and they can improve your overall health. As well as fruits and vegetables you should pay significant attention to the amount of carbohydrates, protein and fats you consume, and the amount of water you drink. Water is the fuel that powers our body and synthesizes and moves everything that is under our skin. Drinking the right amount in order to hydrate your body is one of the best things you can do in order to speed up your metabolism, which in return, helps you to lose more weight.

To sum up, losing weight is a difficult thing to achieve, but with discipline and careful examination everyone can achieve this goal with ease. This is a long term goal for many people but they often quit. Try using a method that works for you, and slowly progress to get your desired results. Even by moving a slight amount forwards every day, you will still be miles away from those who quit.

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