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Seeds from black cumin – healthy ingredient




Black cumin seeds are of great benefit for human health. They are used since ancient times in the human diet. Since then, they are recognized as plant with strong healing abilities and because of this they are used in natural medicine for the treatment of many diseases. Black cumin is a plant whose seeds are essential for human nutrition. It is 30 cm high and has flowers that are light blue or white. It’s fruit is in the form of a capsule. Within each capsule, there are healing black cumin seeds with glossy black crescent shape.



The seeds can be used as a flavor and can be added to variety of foods, and can be used in the form of an oil which is obtained by pressing the seeds. Their use is most common in India, North Africa and the Middle East, but now it is used around the world because it is recognized as a food with high nutritional value.


It contains more than 100 chemical compounds, important proteins, vitamins and minerals. From vitamins, there are Vitamin B complex, folic acid, and from minerals there are iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus, zinc and many others. It is a natural antibiotic and has no harmful effects on the body. It will improve the immune system and help with colds and flu.


Black cumin maintains the health of the stomach, intestines and stimulates the work of kidneys and liver. It is useful for migraine and headache, tooth pain and various other infections in the body.


Women are using it for a long time for their beauty because the oil from the seeds is used for hair care and for strong and healthy nails.




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