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Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders has won in Indiana. Trump has won 54.2 percent from the votes and Sanders has won 73 percent

Sanders and Trump won in Indiana, Cruz withdrew

Senator Bernie Sanders continues the race for the Democratic nomination in the US presidential election against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Senator Ted Cruz suffered a defeat against the controversial billionaire Donald Trump and fully withdraws the candidacy.

With results from 73 percent of the vote, Sanders was declared the winner, defeating Clinton by 53.2 to 46.8 percent, reports the Associated Press.

Sanders and Trump won in Indiana, Cruz withdrew1

On the Republican side, the winner was Donald Trump with 54.2 percent of the votes,  Cruz won 32.8 percent and John Kasich barely 10 percent.

Sanders and Trump won in Indiana, Cruz withdrew2

“Thank you for all you incredible patriots who fought hard to save the nation,” Cruz told to his supporters in Indianapolis. “From the beginning I promised that I will stay in the race until there is a realistic path to victory. Tonight with regret I am  telling you that this road is closed.”

A few minutes after being declared the winner Trump tweeted: “Oh, false Ted Cruz really went crazy today. He lashed out with all sorts of crazy accusations. Can not work under pressure – that is not presidential quality. Sad “.

“Today we achieved a remarkable victory. This is a remarkable victory, “Trump told to his supporters in New York. “Now we go against Hillary Clinton. She will not be an excellent president. She will not be a good president. She will be desperate president. “

Sander’s victory in Indiana is definitely feeding the battle for superdelegates who are still clustered on the side of Clinton.

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