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Remove the hard skin on heels


Do you ever think how much your feet are important and how much they withstand during the day? Are you dedicating enough attention to them?


Long-standing, heavy shoes, lack of air… all this affects on the skin of the foot and often leads to the creation of hardened skin on the heels and the bones beneath the fingers.


You can always take money and go to a professional pedicure, but there are homemade solutions that will also give you great results.



It is not difficult to start your treatment at home. Choose a time when you’re alone, sit somewhere where there’s light and take what you need, maybe a newspaper, remote or a good book. Prepare a bucket, little bath salts, some essential oil, pumice stone or a scraper, a moisturizer for heels and cotton socks.


Fill a bucket with warm water and pour salts and essential oils into it. Put your feet into the water and leave them for 15 minutes. Then take them out. You will see that the hard skin softened and become somewhat lighter and now it will be easier to remove. Take a scraper or pumice and rub until you see that the heel soft enough. When you remove the excess skin, apply a moisturizer on your feet and slide them in soft cotton socks, which will help in absorbing the cream. If you have problems with the formation of hard skin on the heels, unfortunately, you cannot do anything to prevent its emergence but with proper care you can slow down the process and keep the skin soft for a longer period. Try to wear shoes that are more comfortable and rest your feet whenever it is possible. Also, the ritual with moisturizer and socks can be repeated every night before bed and it will definitely help.








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