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Read these few tricks for better memory!




Big problem today in our society is how to synchronize the private and professional life, and how to dedicate fully without any aspect of suffering, but at the same time to have time for yourself, for the basics necessities of life such as the need for food and sleep. Many people are unable to cope with the stress about it and they have chaos in their head. A lot of obligations and their performing at once can have a negative impact on our memory. The body is under stress, the brain is in a state where it can no longer accompany all these events and gives up. If you’ve wondered what is the cause for your forgetting, now you know that you’re not alone and that in this stressful time this happens to everyone from time to time. You can not remember where you left the keys, where have you parked the car or you have searched the whole house to find a particular thing? These are quite normal things that happen when a person is stressed or overloaded with information from the outside world.



Read these tricks by which you will return to a state of balance:


    • Try to concentrate on some important thing at least 8 seconds! Experts believe that the brain takes 8 seconds to store the information from short-term to long-term memory. So, although it may seem to like an eternity, stop and focus on the information that matters to you! This will be a kind of exercise that will strengthen your concentration



    • When you go to another room after an object or simply just to do something, it is often happening to your brain to be simply blocked with the entry into the new space. Studies have shown that this is a very common occurrence, but it is harmless. It is not that you are forgetful but this is simple phenomenon that happens to many people. It is still unclear why this is happening, so the next time you go after an item in another room, focus your mind on it so you do not forget.



    • Next time when you make an effort to remember an important information, try to connect it with an image that is associated with it and thus to remember. Experts believe that this is one of the most effective exercises and tricks for better memory



    • If you feel that you are lost when you start writing and drawing on paper during an important meeting or seminar, you are wrong! Experts believe that this will keep you awake and you’ll remember even 30% more things from a person who is not drawing or writing some irrelevant information.




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