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Problems with the nose – fever, sinusitis…

We can imagine the nose as an air conditioning system. Except for aesthetic purposes, his task is to warm up, to purify and to moisten the air that goes into the respiratory system. The nose and sinuses are covered with sensitive mucous membranes and blood vessels inside the nose are very sensitive so they can easily break, which can lead to bleeding.

If you have ever had inflammation of the mucous membranes of the sinuses, you know how painful it is. Hay fever is a problem that in the spring and summer bothers many people and affects our respiratory tract and mucous membranes in the nose.

Problems with the nose

Luckily, from grandma’s time there are a series of proven natural remedies. Whether you have hay fever, bleeding or inflammation of the sinuses, you can take these remedies that will work without side effects. If the mucous membrane is irritated and you often have bleeding nose, you can take garlic. You should slice one or two garlics, strain through a sieve, and the resulting juice can be diluted with a little vinegar. For prevention you can occasionally wash out the nose with that liquid.

If the bleeding from the nose stops hard, try to put a cold compress on the back of the head and compress with ice put on the root of the nose.

If you have sinus problems be sure to wash your nose every morning with a mild solution of salt because with that the mucous membrane will always be a vascularised and wet. You can also vitamin C which will alleviate the first symptoms of a cold.

For pollen rhinitis, natural medicine advises to chew honeycomb 6 times a day for twenty minutes. Do this for three weeks. In addition, if you take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar diluted with half a glass of water, you will feel relief. If you want long-term results, drink two drops of black cumin three times a day. The content of black cumin leads our immune system in harmony, and to feel its benefits, drink it three months

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