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Our health is the most important in the world. If we do not care about it, nobody ever will. So it is important to listen the advice of these people.

Plastic containers as a potential cause of disease!!




Recent researches are suggesting that diabetes, obesity, heart disease, impaired operation of thyroid gland and some types of cancer may be associated with certain chemicals with which we come in contact.


Are plastic water bottles, plastic bags, containers for reheating food or antibacterial agents are completely safe? Can be a cause for some diseases?


Plastic packaging as a potential cause of disease1


New research conducted at the University of Texas says that diabetes, obesity, heart disease, thyroid problems and some cancers may be consequences of the influence of certain chemicals with we came in touch during our daily activities. It’s about substances that according to the claim of pharmacologist Andrew Gore from the University of Texas at Austin, are affecting the operation of hormones. It’s about bisphenol, which is contained in the plastic mass with which is coated the inside of cans for packaging of food and soft drinks, some cosmetics and funds for fire fighting, etc.


People at the American Endocrine Society came to these conclusions based on insights in over 1,300 studies. Members of the association believe that the relevance of these results confirms the fact that the data come from doctors who have treated people with hormonal problems, not by scientists dealing with the impact of chemicals in laboratory animals or isolated cells.


Plastic packaging as a potential cause of disease2


“Do not heat food, our drinks in plastic containers!”


“The evidence is reliable! Chemicals in products we use daily are disturbing the hormones in a way that is detrimental to human health”, says Gore.


According to him, plastic water bottles and reheating food in plastic containers should be avoided, due to the risk of high temperature to release chemicals in food, then less to eat preformed or prepared foods in which can be found chemical substances and instead of it, it is safer to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and save our health.




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