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Pay attention on your health after a heart attack!




A heart attack is certainly terrible experience for everyone. Here is what you should look out after a heart attack.


It is a warning sign that you have to make some significant life changes. To avoid further difficulties and heart problems, you can apply new habits.



1. Smokers




If you smoke, now is time to stop. It has been proven that this habit very bad effect on health, arteries and damage the normal functioning of the heart. In this case the choice is simple – life or cigarettes.


2. Food




It is desirable to consult with professional nutritionist to work out a healthy diet. A healthy lifestyle is now a requirement for life without heart problems. Unhealthy fats are the first to be out of your table. They increase the level of bad cholesterol. Stay away from the grill, roast, processed meat, margarine or any food that is full of fat. Eat fruits, less fat dairy products and meat without fat. There are plenty of ideas on how to combine vegetables and fruits.


For breakfast, choose whole grain products. Eating a food of whole grain contributes to enter more fiber and lowers the bad cholesterol. With it you also enter more vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your body


3. Exercise and medications


heart_attack 3


If until now you were not inclined to exercising, is not too late to start – regardless of age. For each body there is a certain tempo and mode. For begging, you should start with lighter exercises or walks. Exercise strengthens the heart muscle, so he easily pumps blood.


You should also talk with your doctor about every action you take. He will also give you some medications. They are good for blood vessels, lower the cholesterol and improve heart function.


4 most common and most reliable signs of a heart attack:


    • Chest pain



    • Hard breathing or shortness of breath



    • Nausea and sweating



    • Pain in other parts of the body




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