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Neurobic – exercises for the brain



What is Neurobic?


The term “neurobic” was introduced by the Americans Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin and represents an improvement of the intellectual capacity of the brain through a system of exercises. Such as regular physical exercises are helping in building the body’s muscles, so mental exercises are helping in improving memory and moving functions of the brain.




Neurobic exercises are different from other types of brain exercises such as logical puzzles, crosswords, sudoku games for memory and so on, because they use human senses as a new way to stimulate the brain to create new associations between various types of information.



6 neurobic exercises:



1. Showering with closed eyes


Try to shower with your eyes closed. When you can see, your other senses will become more active and showering will lead to greater involvement of the brain. The other option is to turn off the lights in the evening and try to navigate through your home activating your memory and your sense of touch.



2. Brushing your teeth with the other hand




Try do brush your teeth with the other hand. For many this is a very difficult task and requires full attention the first time you are trying to do. These exercises are activating many links on the “other” side of the brain that usually not used.



3. TV without sound


Let the TV, but turn off the sound. Try to understand what is talked about by facial expressions and movements of the mouth of the people who are talking talk about.



4. New road




Find a new route to your workplace. The road does not have to be long, just different from the previous. If you are going to work by public transport, try to close your eyes and imagine the route that you are passing.



5. Change the environment


Change the arrangement of objects around you, whether it is in your home or workplace. Just a slight shift of trash can will prove how routine your life is.



6. Different food


Everything which is new is exciting for the brain and awakens his curiosity, as well as his activity.



Of course, there are countless neurobic exercises. Play with your creativity and invent them yourselves. Although it will help you in improving your brain function, these exercises are very entertaining.


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