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Natural remedies for pain in shoulders and neck




The pain and stiffness of the neck and shoulders can vary from mild inconvenience, which prevents you from moving fully to very strong pain that prevents even the smallest movement. Luckily, the problems can often be prevented by reducing the tension of the muscles and joints. In most cases, pain in the neck and shoulders occurs in muscle spasm, ie. when they shrink and become rigid, and joints cannot be normally moved This may be due to long term exposure to stress, long periods spent in the same position, such as when driving, sitting at the computer or working on a treadmill at the factory. There are still many possible causes of the pain in the neck and / or shoulders that requires medical attention, for example: tendinitis, bursitis, curvature of the spine and borreliosis.




Learn to recognize the signs of stress and prevent the negative physical effects. Always warm up and stretch before exercise, overuse of cold muscles can cause pain and stiffness.


If you suffer from small pain, stretching or tension, try these natural cures:


Ask someone to massage you with shiatsu technique. Increase the positive effect of the massage by adding a few drops of relaxing essential oil, such as lavender or geranium.


Place a hot compress on the affected area. Or alternate hot and cold compresses for a total of 20 minutes. Leave the hot ones to stand for three minutes, and the cold ones for one minute.


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