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Hair loss is a often problem that occurs in every second man. There are many products against hair loss but here we will present one that is all natural

Natural recipe against hair loss!

Hair loss, or alopecia as doctors say is a problem that has almost every second man, but also it often appears among young girls and women. The problem can be resolved in various ways. Of course there are good lotions that give effect, but today we will pay attention only to the natural recipes. In accordance with post we will give you an easy recipe that you can prepare and which, according to old people is very effective.

Natural recipe against hair loss1

It is up to you to try it. You have nothing to lose. This recipe is not complicated and is prepared like this:

  • In 2 liters of boiling water add about 15 tablespoons of dried nettle. Move the pan aside and leave it for about 2 hours.
  • After that time, put the water again on the stove to heat, but be careful not to let it boil. In the period before the water starts boiling, add 5 tablespoons of dried chamomile flower and remove the pan from the fire. Leave it again aside for about 2 hours.
  • After this period, the mixture should be strained. Then and 300 ml vinegar. Put this mixture on your head every second and massage it.

The recipe that we have presented today is directly from the books of the old natural doctors and it is passed from generation to generation. Using it we are sure that you will have benefits for your hair loss.

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