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Mariah Carey is one of the most famous singers in the world. After childbirth, she gained a lot of weight. Then, she devote to herself

Mariah Carey lost 14 pounds in 3 months with these three tricks





Mariah Carey was once a sex symbol, and then put 20kg plus and almost did not looked like herself. Today she looks better than ever and reveals hers tricks for fast and healthy weight loss.



The 45 – years old singer this week appeared on a charity gala evening of UNICEF in Los Angeles and all eyes were fixed on her – because for years she has not been so slender. Mariah appeared wearing a dark blue tight dress that perfectly highlighted her new figure, and that she really lost weight, it not just noticeable on her body, but also on her face, and she is now again the same beauty from two decades ago.


She has admited that after two childbirths she gained weight and she started to feel like “trapped in her own body”. Then she has decided to devote to herself, and has lost 14 kilograms for 3 months by following the tested tactics of three steps.


1. Inserts 1,500 calories per day



The first thing that she did was to talk to an expert. Then, Jenny Craig,  advised her to make conversation with a nutritionist. She said that she needs a professional help to determine how many calories to enter and she received a program according to which she should be eating 1,500 calories per day.



2. Exercise three times a week


Regardless our excess weight, we need to workout at least 3 times a week if we want to have well toned and healthy body. When she recovered from the childbirth, Mariah Carey has started with exercising. Her favorite sport is swimming and exercising in water.


3. Do not measure yourself every day


One more reason for you to quit your diet can be the too frequent measurement, because our weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day – so it might seem demotivating.





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