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Pharmaceutical industry is continuing to make profit claiming that cancer is not curable. This fruit kills cancer cells and does not have side effects

It kills 76 % of all cancer cells in just 24 hours




In a period of several years, a numerous medical and pharmaceutical frauds that were previously branded as conspiracy theories were revealed. A recent study published in the “British Medical Journal” has revealed one of the most dangerous health frauds that kills people for decades in a very cruel way. Exactly, we are talking about chemotherapy. It is horrifying to think that the pharmacy and medicine are no longer thinking about humanity. These two industries should help people, especially to those who are suffering from incurable diseases. Rather than doing that, they damage the health of people using the toxic “drug”.



Dr. Hardin B. Jones, professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, was studying the life expectancy of patients with cancer for more than 25 years. Then, he came to conclusion that chemotherapy actually does not work. He also warned that patients treated with chemotherapy are dying faster than those who are treated with alternative medicine.


Pharmaceutical companies are doing it to make a profit, and of this will not happen, when people will realize that cancer is curable with cheap and natural remedies that have been used by many people who are opposed to chemotherapy. Natural medicines are more effective and do not have side effects.


Researchers at the University of Kentucky conducted a study for the characteristics of the extract from the grape seeds. They have found that the extract destroys cancer cells and 76% of leukemia cells in just 24 hours in the laboratory. The study indicated that the protein JNKS is responsible for this. It is known that chemotherapy is less effective as the cancer progresses. However, new studies have found out that the extract from grape seed has the opposite effect. Since the cancer is more aggressive, the extract from the grape seeds acts more faster and does not harm the healthy cells.


However, it is interesting that the pharmaceutical industry continues to claim that cancer is incurable although science leads to new findings that are showing the opposite



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