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Since the global internet was invented, the people have asked the same question for years- Can they do eavesdropping? Watch the following video

Inside the Dark Web: BBC documentary about global eavesdropping!





Twenty-five years after the global network was created, we have faced with the greatest controversy in the existence of the Internet – eavesdropping. With these words BBC has announced its new documentary “Inside the Dark Web” from the Horizon series that examines how the authorities with ease are monitoring our every activity on the Internet.



If just two years ago, global eavesdropping was just a “conspiracy theory”, now thanks to the former NSA analyst, Edward Snowden, we have learned that eavesdropping is much greater than we imagine.


US National Security Agency (NSA) and their British colleagues GCHQ collect and analyze staggering amounts of information from all activities on the Web – from email communications to BitTorrent downloads to health conditions, they are all analyzed by machines and computers that do not see and do not recognize the habits of behavior.


But, there are hackers and organizations that oppose them in the fight guided in the “dark web”. There begins the war for privacy by hiding the identity and dealing with new digital currencies that promise anonymity.


You can find the video below:


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