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How to test your fitness capabilities

12498711_10208757803529369_1555980478_nIt is important to test the fitness capabilities of each individual whereby the trainer can easily determine the training program which works best and know which goal to put in order to achieve. Testing is performed before the start of the program and then on certain regular intervals for monitoring the improvements of the person.


Aerobic testing:

Measure your heart beats (1 min) in stationary position. If you are fit, you will have a small rate (70 or less). Place two fingers on the neck or on the veins of the hand (wrist) and count the beats for 15 seconds, then multiply by 4 and you will get the heart beats for 1 minute.


Testing on a scale:12570882_10208757803489368_925302091_n

  • On a 45 cm high platform, get up and down on the platform for 5 minutes with an average of 30 times per minute

  • 1 min rest, and when done, measure the heart beat

  • Multiply the number of heart beats by 5.5. Higher number equals higher level of readiness


Running 12 minutes:

  • First, warm up

  • Run circuits with already measured length, as much circuits as you can in 12 minutes

  • Write down the length, more length equals higher level of readiness

  • Make another testing and compare the results


Muscular endurance:

You can test different muscular groups of the body, simply how much exercise you can do for that particular muscle group. For example: How many push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats etc.



Among the others, muscular strength is measured with lifting maximum weight for a particular muscle group at 1 rep



Set some marks, from your left and right side and use cones if possible.  Run to each of the points as fast as you can.



Each test that measures how quickly you get from point A to point B is used to calculate your speed. For precise measurement of the speed run 50 meter sprint. But you should start running 10-15 meters before the starting line to accelerate enough, so the measurement from point A to B to be only the speed without acceleration.



This kind of testing is performed by standing on one leg. The raised foot touches the knee of the straight leg, while your eyes are closed and your hands are down despite the hips. Hold this position until you can without moving your arms and legs.

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