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The positive side from knowing the difference between hunger and appetite is that we can balance our diet and not to overeat.

How to make a distinction between hunger and appetite?




Knowing the difference – and then developing and self-awareness to it, it can help you a lot to make better choices when it comes to your diet. Hunger is one that keeps you alive and that alerts you that you need more food. Appetite, however, is the desire for certain foods for pleasure, the act of eating for pleasure and / or prolonged eating when you are full.



Hunger against appetite


Our body possesses a wonderful clock hidden inside, which tells us from time – to time that we are hungry and we need to eat something. Nobody tells us, and we do not look at the watch, but we just know that it’s time for a snack, lunch or dinner. However, whether we eat because we are hungry or eat because of our appetite? Many will feel confused, because they think that hunger and appetite are the same. In fact, there are people who use the terms hunger and appetite as if they were changeable, but there are obvious differences between hunger and appetite, which will clarify after reading this article.




When we are hungry, we ask for food. Food is fuel for our bodies. They give us signs to take something from the outside to maintain the levels of fuel. Food gives us the energy that we need for daily activities. Hunger is the one who keeps the energy levels in the body not to fall, so it makes us to eat. We call them attacks of hunger, natural feeling which makes us to search of food.


There is a whole network of hormones and neurotransmitters that act as messengers that tell us when we are hungry and we need to eat something. These messengers are those who also tell us when we need to stop eating.





Appetite is the most important thing for all living beings in order to survive, because it is because of our appetite we eat the food that gives the body energy required to maintain healthy. The appetite also makes us eat. It is the result of coordination between the brain and stomach, not only a need for food. Appetite is more psychological reaction to food, although ultimately it ends with eating food as in the case of hunger. Sometimes we are attracted by the beautiful delicious smell or appearance of the food. We look at the clock and decide it is time to eat, regardless of whether we are hungry or not. This makes our appetite to us. He is the one who makes people overeat because they cannot control themselves because of the excellent smell or appearance of the food.




    • While hunger is a psychological need for food, the appetite is the desire for food


    • You will satisfy your hunger when you eat a little pasta. However, your appetite tells you that this is tasty and smells great and makes you your fill another plate.



Knowing the difference between these two things, making choices in food based on hunger instead appetite can greatly help reduce excess weight.



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