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How to help yourself with dry cough





When the seasons and temperatures are changing, respiratory diseases and the common colds are occurring. One of the most common signs of a cold is the cough. Teasing cough is not an insignificant symptom of a cold, and it is necessary to treat as soon as possible in order not to develop into something more. What can you do when you catch a cough, we are bringing below. If your cough is not dry, but wet, it does not have to mean that it is the cough that pulls moisture from the lungs, but it may be a less serious cough, caused by the humidity of the nose left in the throat and there remains.



Therefore, you can hear the wet sound, but it is not so dangerous. This kind of cough should soon begin to heal in order the humidity not to lower into the lungs, which requires much harder treatment.


Natural syrups can system can solve the problem of dry and wet cough, and for their consumption you do not need medical examination. If you hear a cough that is not accompanied by a symptom of rapid and difficult breathing, and high temperature, you can effortlessly consume herbal syrup. If you have inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, the best natural remedy syrup marshmallow, which will coat the throat mucus, and cover the nerve endings that transmit stimuli to cough. So in this way, this syrup will help you with cough.



On the other hand, if you have the upper airways are damaged, it comes to a dry cough. It is caused by different viruses that are damaging the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Unfortunately, as long as the person is constantly coughing, he will not cough anything out, and it often leads to vomiting.


Whatever type of cough you had, you need to know that you do not need to treat the cough, but its cause. When you manage to discover the real cause, and you start to heal it, a cough will begin to calm down.



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