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How to get rid of migraines




Very severe headache that is repeated and often accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms, is known as migraine. It can last up to three days and can be very unpleasant. The best way to prevent migraine attacks is to discover what the causing factors are, so that you can avoid them. If it appears, various measures of self-help may mitigate it.


About eight percent of people suffer from migraine. Pain is three times more common in women than in men, mainly because of hormonal changes before and during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. The first migraine attack usually occurs in the late teens or early twenties, in some cases before. Rarely, the first attack occurs after 50 years of age.


Migraine is caused by contraction and expansion of arteries in the brain. The amount of serotonin in the brain is small between attacks and large during the attacks. During the attacks, the amount of other neurotransmitters can be disturbed, and the amount of calcium and magnesium.


Symptoms are varying from individual to individual, but a common symptom is severe, pulsating pain on one side of the head. When a headache starts, many people are feeling sick or vomit and can become hypersensitive to light and sounds. Other possible symptoms are dizziness, tingling or numbness.


One or more factors can cause migraine. These are among other things:


    • Some foods, especially cheese, chocolate, red wine, fried foods and citrus fruits



    • Low blood sugar caused by hunger or excessive intake of refined carbohydrates



    • Dehydration



    • Stress, shock or concern



    • Lack of sleep



    • Bright light or certain colors of light



    • Noise



    • Changes in weather or climate



    • Dry air or warm, dry wind



    • Hormonal changes



Practicing yoga helps to relieve stress and reduces the frequency of migraines. Exercises that reduce the tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck can be very useful. Ask any teacher of yoga which exercises are the best.



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