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The first thing that we do with the juice from the pickles after we eat them is throwing it. But instead of that, we offer some tips how to use it

How can you use the juice from the pickles?

Often, after we eat the pickles with our meal, we throw the sour juice that is left. But, instead of that, there are a few ways in which we can use the juice. Some of them are in our kitchen, and some of them are for our health.

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Below in this article we will show you few tricks on how you can use the juice:

1. Against sunburn

It has happened for sure to every one of us to get sunburn while we are on holiday. Then, instead of putting some expensive creams or oils, we can use the juice from the jar with pickles.

You should do the following:

Soar a small piece of cotton in the juice and slowly moisten the places that are burnt. The vinegar will help you to relieve the pang. However, keep in mind that you should not forget to apply a protection cream before the exposure to the sun.

2. Prepare a cocktail

Another thing that you can do with the juice is to prepare a refreshing cocktail and surprise your guests. Put in a shaker a few ice cubes, a little vodka and the juice from pickles. Shake it well in a shaker and pour it in a martini glasses. Place one slice of fresh cucumber into the cup and your drink is ready for tasting! Important, do not forget to drink responsibly!

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3. Use it for cooking

You can use the juice from the pickles to make a salad or as a substitute for vinegar. You can also mix the juice with a yogurt and make a creamy dressing for a green salad, egg salad and the like.

  1. Against cramps and muscle pains

Many coaches are recommending this drink as a post-workout drink in order to recover after a intense training. It is enough to drink 200 milliliters from the juice. However, you must not forget about the appropriate water intake before, during and after the training.

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