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    Why you need to do the handstand push-ups? – Mr Fitbody

    Exercising will help us to look good, stay in shape and improve our health. Handstand push-ups are one of the most effective exercises.

    For women: Take care of your health in the 40’s | Mr Fitbody

    For women: Take care of your health in the 40’s 11 Mar, 2016  in Health  tagged a healthy diet / long life / middle age / vitamin D / women’s health     Women in their forties are experiencing their peak and are feeling invincible. These fantastic years are the start of a good period […]

    Kenny Hodgins

    Basketball player and our blogger.

    About us is a place for people to find the necessary heath and fitness resources to put it into practice and lead a healthy life. We are not medical doctors and our posts are meant to be informative resources only. It’s always advisable to talk to your health physician before starting any fitness weight loss program.