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GPAO – a new Danish system for air purifying





Scientists from the department of environmental chemistry at University of Copenhagen (Denmark) have developed a system to purify the air by using light, which eliminates the different chemical vapors as smelly sulfur compounds and the hydrochloride which are dangerous for our health, using minimal energy.



GPAO abbreviation comes from “Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation for effective, efficient In Situ Control of Pollution”. Unlike other systems that are freezing or burning the harmful particles from pollution and are requiring constant maintenance, the new system GPAO efficiently uses the energy, there is no need to change the filters and requires considerably less maintenance.


According to the inventor of this system, he has studied for a long time the natural ability of the atmosphere to be purified itself, in processes that are involving ozone, sunlight and rain. GPAO does the same, but without the need for water / rain, and accelerated by a factor of 100,000.



Purification with GPAO takes place so polluted gas is mixed with ozone in the presence of fluorescent lamps. This causes the formation of free radicals that attack the pollution, forming adhesive products that create sludge, which is then converted into powder form and is distributed in the air. Unlike the pollution of the gas phase that is difficult to remove, it is easily done with the dust – it is enough to approach electrified surface with electrostatics and she sticks to it. This process eliminates the need for traditional filters. Patented in 2009, this system has been commercialized yet in 2013, but it is still improving. The latest research shows that it effectively removes toxic fumes resulting from the casting of iron and construction of fiberglass, which contain benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene.



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