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Companies today are trying to make money on behalf on our health. For that reason they are producing GMO which is very harmful.

GMO: What should you know about it?





So far, there is not a right way or universal solution, but we must rely on common sense, logic and instinct, as well as on our own research on suppliers of raw materials, food producers and information through the media.




GMO (genetically modified) food is more beautiful, round, shinier, with uniform size, bright color without bruising and damage. In nature, we are not all the same. Someone is higher, someone lower, someone is big and someone is small. The same goes for the natural fruits and vegetables. Always buy improper fruit and vegetables, with different colors, sizes and shapes. Nothing will lacks if it is a bit pounded and shows signs of being really “alive”. On the shelves where you can find such fruits and vegetables, chances that they are not GMO are big.



You should often buy food from villagers who grown products by themselves, and use the above mentioned tips. Some villagers are also sowing GMO seed and without knowing are feeding their domestic animals with GMO products (mostly maize). The meat from such animals, in principle, should look the same as in normal, but pay attention to the appearance of the liver and kidneys. If it looks sick, you should better quit buying because these animals may be fed with GMO feed. We all know how sick meat looks like: pale, gray, yellow with damage and growths that do not act properly. The healthy meat should be pink and red.


Ignore the beautiful packaging. GMO manufacturers have so much money to spend on beautiful packaging.


Inform yourself on the internet for countries that grow GMOs. Follow the news in countries that prohibit imports of GMOs such as France, Hungary. So, at least, you will somewhat be sure that the product is not GMO.



Try to discard everything that has the best chance to be GMO. It is usually meat from animals fed with GMO foods, as well as popular snacks and chips.


“Monsanto” is the largest global company producing agricultural products, pesticides, growth hormones and animal genetically modified seeds of soybean, corn and other crops. Their workers do not eat that food there.


Genetically modified fruit


GMO food is the cheapest and healthy food is generally more expensive. Old rule that keeps us healthy is diet with seasonal fruit and vegetables. If you see in stores fruit or vegetable which does not grow in that particular time of the year, probably it is imported (note the country of origin) or grown in greenhouses using all bio-technology, accelerators of growth and pesticides.


92% of soybeans in the world is GMO. According to the European Union  and according to the ISAAA, since 2007, the world production of soybeans was 58.7% genetically modified (GMO), through 2010, when it was 81% until today – GMO soybeans is 92% of the world production. The chance that you might bump into those 8% soy which is not genetically modified (GMO) is small.


Regarding GMO cotton, morgelons symptoms of disease are mass observed in Chinese workers, and often in children who work with GMO cotton.





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