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For women: Take care of your health in the 40’s



Women in their forties are experiencing their peak and are feeling invincible. These fantastic years are the start of a good period in which women should pay more attention on themselves.


Besides the changes in the head, physical changes are also slowly starting to happen such as reduced metabolism, muscle mass is lost and hormonal changes are occurring. Also depression may occur and stress level increases.


Some preventive habits can help to reduce the problems that come with 40’s years and to stay healthy, vital and full of energy.



Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and of great importance for the maintenance of the line and the speeding up metabolism. The best morning detox is to drink a glass of warm water with lemon and honey. Oatmeal is also great to eat. Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, drink it after the breakfast.


Prevent osteoporosis and take care about the health of bones with increased intake of calcium and vitamin D. The women in their forties should enter 1000 mh calcium and up to eight hundred IU of vitamin D. If it is possible, take the substance naturally through healthy foods such as seeds, almonds, nuts and milk.


To get vitamin D, you can sunbath on mild sun and so you will improve your health. Healthy sunbath is really powerful therapy and has sometimes even stronger action of many modern medicines.


The heart has a natural heart frequency. If we are stressed, our heart frequency can be affected and there will be an increase in blood pressure, lack of energy and our cells are quickly dying and we quickly get older.


To make the heart work better, inhale deeply through the nose, hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale through your mouth. This kind of breathing relaxes muscles, airways, heart and blood vessels





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