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The key for our overall physical and mental heath is eating healthy food and exercising. Yoga is an exercise that affects both, the body and mind.

Find out how yoga affects our body and mind?





Yoga itself brings many benefits. All that gives us tranquility and health should be accepted, no matter where their roots come from. Those who practice yoga are not beholden to Hinduism, they only managed to find a quiet corner in themselves where they can completely forget everything and comprehending, thereby controlling the mind and body in a healthy way. In this context, we would like to stay on the five main components of this discipline – correct exercises (asanas), breathing, relaxation, diet, positive thinking and meditation.



In the system of practicing yoga, teaching has a very interesting and reasonable principle. Most asanas (exercises) brings a certain group of muscles in a state of “high voltage” to tens of seconds. Thus it becomes possible muscle loaded to its maximum, to mobilize largely its functional capabilities. In other words, in such a situation, the metabolic processes are taking place most intensively. Therefore, during the maximum load of the muscles, we have a minimum load of the body as a whole. Another undeniable value of yoga is that little impact is subjected not only on muscles but also on the internal organs. As a result, it not only reinforces their tone, but also the overall condition of the whole organism. Because of this fact, lots of exercises can be very useful for lot of diseases.



Among the main teachings of yoga is the belief that our bodies are meant to move and exercise. Accordingly, the lack of sufficient movement of muscles and joints, determined by the lifestyle inevitably leads to disease and discomfort.



The basic maxim of yoga is that the exercises should be enjoyable for the one who performs. In yoga, there is no pain and awkward loads. We are setting the limits and threshold load by ourselves, which should not be very high or very low.


Another maxim of yoga is that true relaxation is achieved through the full activation of the muscles, leading to rejuvenate the body and nervous system.


Last but not least, it is extremely beneficial not only the physical, but also for the mental health, because it involves in exercise skills for positive thinking and meditation. Positive thinking, according to yoga teachers, is key to a perfectly healthy and peaceful mind.





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