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This drink will refresh your body in the morning and will give you a great energy throughout the day. It has also many beneficial effect

Drink for weight loss with zero calories and a lot of energy!





This drink will help you lose more weight and give you a lot of energy, and by the way can be easily prepared in your kitchen.





    • 2 large apples



    • 2 cinnamon sticks



    • 1 l water



    • 1 glass bottle with a large opening



Take the apples and chop them into pieces. Put them in a glass bottle. In the bottle add the cinnamon sticks. Put water in the bottle,, close it and leave it in the fridge to stay one night. Drink and consume it every day. This drink has beneficial effect on your overall health. It will refresh you a lot.





You can add a squeezed lemon, orange or grapefruit in the water. When you are done with the drink, you just need to add a fresh water in the bottle and let it stand overnight. You can use these ingredients (apples and cinnamon) up to three times.



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