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If you have some problems and disorders with your thyroid gland, you can find some tips in this article which can help you in the fight against the disease

Do you have thyroid gland disorders?



The body burns energy as a car burns fuel. As gas pedal regulates the amount of fuel coming into the engine of cars, so the thyroid gland regulates how quickly the body burns food. The thyroid gland performs the task of regulating the flow of fuel, maintains the energy level, and regulates the secretion of the hormone thyroxine. These hormones tell the body how fast it need to burn calories. With the right amount of thyroid hormone, your body will optimally burn the food and you will have enough energy. You will also have a constant body temperature, your heartbeat will be good, you will have a regular monthly cycle etc.




If your blood test shows that you do not have enough active thyroid gland, your doctor will probably offer the standard treatment for hypothyroidism: thyroxine therapy. If your doctor gives you thyroxine therapy, do not take it in the same time of day as the iron-based dietary supplements or any accessories in the form of vitamins and minerals containing iron. Iron, namely, binds the thyroxine and the body cannot use it.


Goitrogens are substances that can reduce the intake of iodine in the blood, and you should avoid them. If your thyroid gland is not active enough, it will even worsen the situation. Raw cabbage, beets, soybeans, peanuts and pine nuts are considered to be in group of goitrogens.


If your thyroid gland is not active enough, relaxing should be a key part of your lifestyle. Perform the following exercise of relaxation every day. You can do it in few minutes if you do not have more time:


1. Close your eyes and take a few breaths slow and deep. Let your thoughts take you wherever you want, but at the same time you need to feel calm, comfortable and relaxed. You can go somewhere you’ve already been, for example, on a sandy beach or a field of flowers, or at another thoughtful place.


2. Imagine that place as more reliable as you can. Use all your senses. Note the color of the environment, close and distant sounds and smells. How was the air? Was it warm and mild in contact with your skin? Or is it cold and refreshing? Try to imagine the tiniest detail until you are completely lost in that area.


If you succeed to calm down your mind, your psyche, it will be much easier for you to fight with any disease, because your mind along with the food you enter in your body are the best fighters against diseases.


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