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As time is passing, climate change represents a major problem in our lives. We cannot ignore it, but we must take some actions to stop spreading

Climate change can kill a lot of people until 2030!?





Climate change will remain a major impact on the physical and mental health, negatively affecting everything from the quality of our food to appear on fires in populated areas. These are the results from the US federal report for the protection of the environment.



Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the US Agency for environment protection (ESPA), is indicating that the new federal report is dedicated to the consequences of global warming not only for the nature and animals, but also for people’s health.


“The climate change represents a threat for our health in ways that is affecting on our food, water sources and the air we breathe. Climate change will further worsen the existing problems and will create new ones”, she said.


In the report stays that climate change will threaten the food we eat, and larger concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will reduce the nutritional value of crops, such as wheat and rice. From allergies and asthma are already suffering many people but the higher temperatures, along with the longer seasons of pollen and air pollution will additionally worsen this problem.


It is estimated that by 2030, the extreme heats and droughts during summer days will lead to a large number of premature deaths, which in the US this number will be for about 11,000 higher than it was in 1990. By 2100, experts are saying that this number could rise to 27,000 deaths more than in 1990. At the same time, the change in temperature will lead to the spread of diseases transmitted by food, including Salmonella and norovirus. The climate change will also lead to spreading of diseases that are transmitted from mosquitoes and ticks such as malaria, hepatitis and dengue fever, West Nile virus, Lyme disease, various bacterial infections, etc.


– If we want to save our future generations we must start dealing with this problem. We cannot ignore it because it is already here and no matter what we will do, it cannot be stopped overnight. It is a serious issue that affects so many levels and I think this is the most serious threat facing humanity”, Mrs. McCarthy



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