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More and more stress is becoming a part of our every day life without noticing it. It can lead to serious diseases if we are exposed too much

Check if you stressed out in just 5 seconds




Stress is an everyday occurrence that we all face. How many times has it happened during the free day or weekend when you are trying to relax, your brain reminds you all the time of the obligations that are waiting you to finish and they make you feel stressed.



These stressful situations have turned into our everyday life. Our whole life is filled with stress situations, and each one of us responds differently to the same. Therefore, the Japanese psychiatrist Akiyoshi Kitaoka made a test with the help of optical illusion through which one can discover the current state of your mind.



Focus your eyes in the middle of the picture and observe 5 seconds. In the beginning, the shapes on the photography will quickly move and what will happen after a few seconds will reveal the true picture of the state of your body and mind when faced with stress.


Test results are:


    • If the shapes on the image are moving quickly, you are exposed to great stress


    • If the shapes of the image moving slowly, you have low and normal levels of stress


    • If the shapes of image are hardly moving, you are minimally exposed to stress




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