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“Celldex” vaccine against brain cancer failed on tests in the third phase!




It is too hard to develop a successful vaccine against cancer, but “Celldex therapeutics” managed furthest away from everyone carefully monitored immunotherapeutic treatment of aggressive, lethal form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. “Needham”, company based in Massachusetts, even began to build a commercial infrastructure required to advertise the treatment, known as rindopepimut (Rintega). Unfortunately, we learned that it was all in vain. Rundopepimut failed in the critical late stage of the survey, and left many doubts about its future.



“Celldex” announced that an independent board for tests monitoring has decided that the third phase of tests rindepepimut or “Rind”, in the most recent patients with diagnosed glioblastoma has failed, and as a result of that “Celldex” has prematurely stoped the excavation. Patients on rindepepimut lived an average of 20.4 months, which is less than the 21.1 month average survival of control group. On patients who were included in the study will be offered to resume with the tests.


We are extremely disappointed because of the patients… because the study was unsuccessful” said in a statement “Celldex”  President and CEO Anthony Marucci. ” In the name of “Celldex”, I want to express our gratitude … to the researchers, patients and their families who participated in these tests. Although this is definitely not the expected outcome, we remain entrenched in the belief in the power of immunotherapy to transform the future of cancer treatments”.



It is unnecessary to say that the data are devastating result for “Celldex”. Rind is cancer vaccine that stimulates the immune response against EGFRvIII, mutant molecule found in tumor cells in almost 30 percent of patients with glioblastoma. Rind is by far the most advanced treatment for the fight against the cancer from “Celldex” and the positive results from this research – known as ACT IV – would mean approval by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) for its application and the chance to become a resource that will collect funds in the future.


However, instead of that, Rind now joins the fate of other potential vaccines for cancer as Magen-A3 from GlaxoSmithKline and Stimuvax from Merck, that have failed on clinical trials.


Many investors were afraid of the worst – “Celldex” stocks last March were trading at over 30 dollars and 15 dollars at the end of 2015, fell significantly with the announcement of the unconvincing results. On the end they finished on 8.19 dollars.


Source: http://www.xconomy.com/boston/2016/03/07/celldexs-brain-cancer-vaccine-fails-key-phase-3-test-shares-fall/#



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