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The news portals are trying to silence Bernie Sanders when he is criticizing Monsanto and all dirty work that they are doing

CBS censor Bernie Sanders when he criticizes Monsanto




Here we go again with people being censored for doing nothing more than expressing their viewpoints – and the attempts to silence people’s thoughts don’t just involve everyday citizens but even include presidential hopefuls. Not even they can escape the Big Brother do-as-I-want mentality that’s seeping deep into every facet of society.


A recent example of this involves Bernie Sanders, who has repeatedly been censored for his criticism of Big Pharma, Monsanto, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement by propaganda networks CBS and MSNBC.


During a Boston, Massachusetts, press conference, MSNBC shifted the attention away from Sanders by cutting the camera feed away from him just as he was about to discuss the TPP. “The average American that walks into a store finds it harder and harder to purchase products made in America,” said Sanders at the Boston press conference, which you can view in this video. “Now on that issue… I am helping to lead opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”


Immediately following that statement, host Kate Snow said, “You’ve been listening to Bernie Sanders, less of a press conference, more of a speech. I want to turn back to the Republican side of things.”


People take to social media to expression shock over censorship


Sanders supporters expressed their dissatisfaction over Snow’s decision to cut away from Sanders at the very moment he was going to elaborate on the TPP. They viewed her move as censorship and of blatantly favoring one out-of-touch political candidate over another, taking to social media to make their thoughts known


Interestingly between 2013 and 2015, it’s been found that MSNBC only briefly covered the TPP on two occasions, with the exception of Ed Schultz. He spoke of the TPP while he was still hosting The Ed Show for MSNBC. Oh, by the way, Ed’s no longer with MSNBC, and we can’t help but wonder whether it’s because he discussed something he “shouldn’t” have in the eyes of MSNBC higher-ups and those that control them.



Interview cancelled over Monsanto threat to sue news station


MSNBC isn’t the only media outlet censoring Sanders. According to Sanders, CBS actually canceled an interview with him because the powers that be at Monsanto threatened to sue the network.


“Monsanto is a very, very powerful corporation. They are one of the leaders in food technology and basically working hard to transform our food system,” Sanders said. “Let me tell you a funny story, or not so funny. In my state, a great dairy state, we have a lot of dairy cows. There was an effort to put what was called BGH, bovine growth hormone, which is a stimulant that makes cows produce cows more milk but is unhealthy. I was against that.


“I’ll never forget this. I was invited by CBS, not a small company, to appear on television to talk about why I was opposed to bovine growth hormone. CBS then called me up and said, ‘Well, Monsanto is threatening to sue us, so we can’t go on with it.’ They are very powerful.”


Talk about working at news stations that are handled like a marionette, controlled as though they’re a puppet at the hands of those who dictate what should and shouldn’t be said. It’s a shame that people on various levels are intimidated into withholding the truth, all because of the massive greed that drives the entire brainwashing process that strives to fuel the establishment’s my-way-or-the-highway standards.








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