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This fruit, carob, has many benefits for people's overall health. It is characterized by a naturally sweet taste and a very special flavor.

Carob – dark Mediterranean gold for better health





The people who already practice to have a healthy meal in their daily diet, often use carob in exchange for cocoa because of its similar taste and swear to the numerous benefits of this bean that originated in the Mediterranean. Today’s fast and very unhealthy lifestyle, forces us to forget our main goal, to stay healthy and positive.



“I work throughout the whole day, I do not have time to eat healthy”…


“The stores for healthy are too far from my home” …


These are only excuses for people who do not have strong character. You must find time for yourself, in order to have a better and healthier future.


Carob is an evergreen tree that blooms in October. It is extremely resistant to different weather conditions and pest and because of it, it can live up to 100 years. Carob was named by the shape of its fruit.


It is characterized by a naturally sweet taste and a very special flavor which makes it a great addition to the cakes and pastries.



Literally every part of the Carob tree has their own use. The bark and leaves for example, are used for preparation of various syrups and are a great ally in the fight against allergies, colds, cough or sores in the mouth. The seeds from carob are used as sweeteners in drinks or in exchange for cocoa.


Carob is also very healthy and nutritious. It is rich in dietary fiber, which improves digestion. If you prepare for detoxification of the body, be sure to include Carob in your diet, because all toxic substance literally “stick” to it and are disposed from the body. The food industry produces flour from carob, as the best alternative to cocoa and chocolate. Interestingly, the flour does not contain gluten, which means it is especially convenient for those who are intolerant to this substance.


The effects and benefits are numerous. Find this healthy ingredient in your nearest store, and start to eat healthy!



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