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Cancer: Groceries in your fridge which cause cancer!



We should learn to live healthier and stop to eat products that have a shelf life for years. In addition we are going to give you few examples of products that we all have in our fridge, that can cause cancer!




1. Carbonated soft drinks


Carbonated soft drinks and those which according the label are without sugarare so harmful that cancer cells literally are feeding from them.


Aspartame– one of the most common artificial sweeteners, causes a number of diseases, including birth defects and cancer.


Sucralose (Sucralose, Splenda or E955) is relatively new, Heat Resistant, intense sweetener, which has lately been used more often in making a lot of drinks and food products. It is also associated with the development of cancer cells.




2. Sausages


Sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate contained in processed meat products, can significantly increase the risk of cancer. Comparison that scientists make is that if a person eats each day warm hot dog or hamburger, he will live 20 years less. This is far more dangerous than if he smokes, but he is a vegetarian. Experts are recommending that we should only buy meat in whose origins are we sure.


3. Hydrogenated fats


Another big killer is hydrogenated fats, which are commonly used in processed foods because it raises the taste quality make them last longer. Often are confused with transfat of animal origin, but are far more dangerous from them. Hydrogenated fats are changing the structure of cell membranes and are responsible for many cancers.


4. Popcorns


Popcorns are also included in the list of carcinogenic food. Actually popcorn themselves does not cause cancer. The damage comes from the bags, in which they are making. They are made of extremely harmful carcinogenic chemicals that lead not only to infertility but also to cancer. We must not forget the chips, which are containing acrylamide – the most dangerous carcinogenic substance contained in several times above the permitted dose.




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