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Amish people don’t suffer from autism, they ARE NOT vaccinated!





An interesting fact is that children of The Amish people who live in the US does not have autism, and they grow healthy and without receiving this vaccine. Many European countries such as UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Spain have rejected mandatory immunization because it creates only a limited period of immunity. According to them, even if the children gets sick from some diseases, they cause fewer problems than autism. They say as an example that if a pregnant woman suffers from rubiola, she can then give birth a child with birth anomalies.




Therefore, girls should not be vaccinated against rubiola because the immunity ends just when they become adults. Immunity from the vaccine lasts only 7 years. Known case is of Valentino Bocca, 11-year-old child, who two years ago won the first verdict against the Ministry of Health of Italy since it was confirmed that he was healthy 14-month-old baby, and after vaccination, he got sick of autism.



The family got 174,000 euros. The lawyer who received trial now represents other Italian families who have such problems. The data are showing that at the moment one hundred families from Italy have sued the relevant ministry.


Britain already has the ability for parents to choose whether to vaccinate their children or not.


In Serbia, if parents do not vaccinate their children, they are facing with fines and lawsuits, and their child can be taken from the Center for Social Assistance, with the excuse that they do not know to take care of their health. According to Serbian statistics, from 2008 to 2012 are given 900,000 doses of vaccine MRP, and only in 2012 there were 176 side effects.


So, the choice is your people! You are the only one who need and have right to decide what is the best for your children. And as we all know, parents know what is best for their children.





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