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5 habits of women that are harmful to health




Representatives of the gentler sex have more health care than men and as time goes on, they are becoming more aware of things that are harmful and are educating on how to prevent diseases. However, it is often happening the most attentive women to ignore the harmful effects of certain habits that are leaving undetectable effects on health.


Here are some mistakes that women are doing that can cause health problems:



1. Every day on high heels




More and more women for any occasion choose shoes with heels, even when they know that they will have a long walk. Truly, high heels elongate the figure and make women more attractive, but they also have a negative effect on health. They put enormous pressure on ankles, may contribute to the occurrence of injury, muscle strain, back pain and even arthritis



2. They let their fear or shame to stop them to seek professional help


Many women notice that something is wrong with their health and refuse to visit the doctor because of embarrassment or fear. Hundreds of young girls are not attending gynecologist because of shame, and for the same reason hundreds of women are silently suffering without seeking help for their mental health.



3. Wearing bras with improper size


Did you know that over 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? From wearing the wrong bra will not suffer only your appearance but also your health. You cannot maintain proper posture, you may face with skin irritation, breathing problems and blood circulation, and is very likely to have pain in the neck, back and chest.



4. Too heavy bag




Women’s bag is an interesting place where you can find everything. The heavy bag can cause pain in the neck and back, and bad posture of the body. The maximum weight of your bag as a rule should not be more than 10% of your body weight.



5. They are testing every rigorous fast diet


Strict diets that are based on the exclusion of certain food groups from the diet and which are recommending intake of little bit calories have short-term effect. Shortly after the diet, the lost weight returns as a boomerang cycle known as the yo-yo effect. Such a cycle not only that leaves psychological consequences because it reduces the confidence and creates frustration, but it also disrupts the metabolism


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