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5 food combinations that you should not eat

8What most people usually eat is meat and potatoes, and it is definitely a bad combination for the metabolism. If you try to follow the rules for combining products, you will soon notice the beneficial effect on the metabolism. Habits are difficult to change, but the health is more important.


Here is what you should avoid:


1. Meat with potatoes

The reason for this is that the proteins are digested in the stomach, and the potato starch in the small intestine and this combination significantly slows down the metabolism.


2. Milk with any other food

The milk should be a full meal and it should not be combined with anything else. However, the combination of milk and honey is not fiction but a teaspoon of honey in milk is really useful for digestion.


3. Coffee and eggs

This is an extremely bad combination, because polyphenols from the coffee are decreasing the absorption of the iron from the eggs and are reducing the level of calcium in the bones.


4. Green vegetables without starch and dairy products

The ingredients of green leafy vegetables which contain starch are blocking the absorption of calcium from milk. Therefore, instead of milk, which is very popular combination, combine the spinach with chicken or turkey meat and fish.


5. Fruit with any other food

The fruit is an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants, but contains acids that lead to fermentation in the stomach and slows down the digestion of other food. The fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach


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