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5 exercises that you can do at home





Every woman dreams of a nice solid body. Beautiful body increases confidence attracts views and most importantly – helps to maintain good health.


Physical activity is the best way to achieve the desired body shape. But that does not mean you have to be a member of an elite fitness club or have fitness equipment. If you have the will to improve your appearance, the results will be exempted.


Exercise at home brings many advantages. First – saves money,  second – are not bound by time, you can practice whenever you want and third – gives you more freedom. Of course, exercise in the fitness center or going to classes with experts in yoga, Pilates or Tae Bo had a lot of advantages, but now we will focus on exercise at home.


There are several exercises that you can do smoothly and without any additional equipment at home, and with their help effectively shape your body.


1. The exercises for the abdominal muscles are required. Start with a classic abdominal exercise: Lie on the floor, bend and lift your knees, put your hands behind your ears and lift up the upper body. To exercise the upper muscles you should not completely pulling off the back from the floor.



2. Lie on the floor and extend your arms overhead. Start lifting the upper body and lean towards your legs while the tips of the fingers touch your toes. Then again return to the starting position and again lift up. If you failed to reach your toes, do not disappoint. With regular exercise your flexibility will improve.




3. Lie on the floor and place your hands behind your ears, on the upper part of the neck. Start lifting the upper body and direct the left elbow towards the right foot. The upper part of your body should be turned to the right. Then return to its original position on the floor and do the same exercise, but on the opposite side. During the performance of the exercise you should not move your legs.




4. Lie aside and lean your head on your right hand. Put your left hand in front of you. Your legs should be straightened at all time during the exercise. Lift your left leg in the air at an angle of 60-70 degrees from the floor. Then slowly lower it down. For better effect, you can keep your leg longer in the air.




5. Kneel on the floor and lean on the hands. Make sure you back to be straight. Start to lift one leg up. Do not straighten it up, it should be bent at the knee. Point your toes up. The upper part of the leg should be parallel to the floor. Once you reach this position, slowly return to the basic.




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