Zumba – Exercise with Latin music

Zumba is a very popular fitness program inspired by Latin American dances. It is created by choreographer Alberto Perez. Connects dance moves and aerobics, and was created by accident when Perez forgot the music for his aerobics clsss, and instead he used the music that he took from his car. It was a tape of Latino music.

There are three main elements in Zumba – music, choreography and steps.


Music is an essential element in Zumba, which differentiates it from other fitness programs or aerobics. It must be energetic, must abandon the people and must provoke passion to participants.

Latin music is represented in about 70% of the total music in Zumba classes. There are the four basic Latin rhythms: salsa, cumbia, merengue and reggeaton, and also international music. The remaining 30%, the trainer selects it himself, depending on the type of music which participants prefer. It can be rock, oriental music or something else.

Each of the four main Latin rhythms has its own steps, and each of the four basic steps has numerous variations of directions, turns and rhythms. Steps in zumba are simple, easy to follow, and the speed is dictated by the song.


The choreography in Zumba also depends on the song. Each song is divided into specific parts: introduction, verse, chorus, break, bridge. For each of these parts, a different step is used that is repeated every time when the same part of the song is repeated. As each song consists of different distributed basic parts, Zumba steps are always new and interesting. Because of this Zumba is a bit different from aerobics where steps are divided into blocks that are repeated several times, depending on the type of program.

So, if you love Latin rhythms, you should definitely try Zumba.

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